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 Awesome wisdom... Every episode is magnificent. Beyond words...we can understand from the heart only. Not from the mind. Incredible movie we are watching here.
 I don’t think any film has ever had such an impact on me. Beautifully and honestly put together with all the knowledge of how to live in peace and harmony with our stunning planet.
Will air again in 2020 - 108 min movie & 8 part documentary series.
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International Visitor? The movie and 8-part docuseries has been subtitled into 18 languages:
Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish

Plus the movie has also been subtitled into an additional 5 languages: Finnish,Greek, Korean, Lithuanian & Swedish
(the docuseries episodes for these languages have not been translated ).
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Time of the Sixth Sun Movie and 8-part docuseries filmed in 16 countries over 11 years. 
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Movie Trailer 
Episode 1 Trailer -
An Awakening Global Consciousness
Episode 2 Trailer -
Healing Our Ancestral Wounds
Episode 3 Trailer -
Ancient and Future Technologies
Episode 4 Trailer -
Sustainable Futures
Episode 5 Trailer -
The Grandmothers Speak
Episode 6 Trailer -
The Grandfathers Speak
Episode 7 Trailer -
Messages From The Heart
Episode 8 Trailer -
Channeling Our Guide & Storyteller
The movie stars Estas Tonne, a gypsy troubadour on his journey of enlightenment, challenged by the Trickster played by Peter Moore, guided by Spirit channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe and introduced by actress, Greta Scacchi. With original music composed by Charlie Roscoe and featuring the music of Estas Tonne and 11 other artists.
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Here are the speakers you'll be introduced to in Time of the Sixth Sun Series:
Greta Scacchi
Geoffrey Hoppe
Estas Tonne
Peter Moore
Charles Eisenstein
Polly Higgins
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Dawn Eagle Medicine Woman
Desmond Tutu
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa
Virginia Mutwa
Lynne Franks OBE
David Icke
Gary Simon Jagamarra
Drunvalo Melchizadek
Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
Dr Stu Jemesen
Sonny Green
Leela Hutchison
Luz Navarette
Adam Yellow Bird DeArmon
Andrea Cranmer
Dan Schreiber
Constance Demby
Caroline Carey
Audrey Spronk
Anthar Kharana
Dan Winter
Godfrey Chipps
George Kavassilas
Eva Cecilia Solis
Eshua Bolton
Elizabeth Araujo
Dr Karambu Ringera PhD
Dr Bill Lyon
Doug Wadham Williams
Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD
Marc Cuthbert
Kylie Githabul
Mac Macartney
Matua Luis Kerepoa
Leo Rutherford
Kuauhtli Vasquez
Dr Jude Currivan PhD
Jorge Luis Delgado
John Riley
Jae Mather
Helena Norberg-Hodge
Hans Gunter Kern
Sue Minns
Shivam O'Brien
Ruben Saufkie Snr
Roy Littlesun
Ronna Herman
Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten
Raul Mijares
Rachel Shiamh
Philip Carr-Gomm
Rev. Peter Owen-Jones
Peter Falt
Peter Brinch
Paul Manweiler
Pat McCabe
Mike Grenville
Michael Tellinger
Medicine Wolf
Carl Calleman
Jessica Arrillaga
Shai Danon
Lucinda Drayton
Louis Standon
Jo Crow
Glenn Harrold
Freddy Silva
Brian Viziondanz
Sheikh Gamel Oyen
Yiannis Pittis
Yeva Gladwin
Y'Acov Darling Khan
White Eagle Medicine Woman
Wachan Wilkasara
James Tyberonn
Tom Ventham
Tom Kenyon
Maestro Tlakaelel
Time of the Sixth Sun’s director and producer Nikki ‘Luna’ Williams and executive producer Theo van Dort will be joined on this movie and documentary series journey from Wednesday 6th November 2019 by Jeva Uqualla, Spiritual Emissary of the Havasupai Tribe.
Viewer feedback about Time of the Sixth Sun Movie and 8-part Docuseries:
  • "It changed how I look at everything"
  • "​I’d strongly encourage you to sign up- it’s free but priceless"
  • ​"It's pure cinematic, audio-visual medicine"
  • ​"It will touch so many hearts and do humanity a great service"
  • ​"A sensuous delight"
  • ​"The content, scripting and flow is superb. I was rooted to my chair anticipating the next words of wisdom"
  • ​"I loved every second, minute and heartbeat of the alchemic reaction I had to this film"
  • "​Such a beautifully curated movie that touches my heart at the deepest of levels. The awakened journey can seem lonely and challenging at times, but your work is a reminder of the importance of this calling"
  • ​"I have to commend you on the openness, integrity and transparency of the entire sales process. The fact that you shared the film and doc series for free was a real gift and showed the genuine nature of the project to reach the masses"
  • ​"Stunning & beautifully produced, - showing a critical mass of like-minded ones across the planet ready for the galactic changes"
  • ​"Bless you all for being the quiet and passionate heart centred revolution to transform this planet and to help us all find our way back to ourselves"
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Time of the Sixth Sun - Dreaming Ourselves Awake
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