January 2023 Movie Replay Weekend
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Special Replay Weekend 'Pay It Forward' Pricing - Immediate FULL ACCESS to the Digital Package for:

Regular Price :$147 or $67 USD in the Launch

Pay It Forward and Help Us Keep These Launches Free and to Keep Spreading the Messages of Wisdom to New People All Over the Globe...

EVERYTHING listed below and CHOOSE YOUR PRICE from the prices below in your preferred currency.

  • Time of the Sixth Sun Movie: 108 minutes - 75 contributors - amazing soundtrack. Watch right now and then you'll want to revisit again and again. Viewers regularly share how they enjoy so many more 'AHA' moments with each time they watch.
  • ​Full 8 Episode 'Lifting the Veil' Documentary Series: imagine having captured over 1000 hours of footage and then selecting the very best parts of it to create an informative, heart opening and engaging wisdom full 8 Episode Documentary series with over 8 hours of wisdom and immersive content from 85 speakers - that's what we've done for you! 
  • 2x Beautiful Audio Albums with Music and Messages of Wisdom: 72 minute soundtrack of the Movie overlaid with speaker quotes to give you instant reminders of the wisdom shared, AND an exclusive 54 minute Estas Tonne album overlaid with Tobias sharing inspiring messages of hope for humanity
  • 6x 'Never Been Aired' Exclusive Bonus Episodes: watch these 6 extra recordings to gain valuable insight into your innate potential
  • ​120 page Journey of Awakening Altar Table Book:  featuring the best photos from our worldwide shoots in 16 different countries with personal commentary from the series Producer/Director Nikki Williams with awakening messages and stories from the speakers
  • ​15x MP3 Downloads: access to the audio of the Movie, docuseries and bonus episodes in MP3 format to listen to on your device
  • ​15x PDF Transcripts: like the MP3 downloads, but we've transcribed all the content to read, learn from and absorb
  • ​Exclusive Webinars: replays of  exclusive webinars with Geoffrey Hoppe, Estas Tonne, Havasupai Elder Uqualla,  and the creators
  • ​Contributor Bonuses: Several speakers have given meditations, extra music tracks and extras which are all included too...
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