Donations to the Time of the Sixth Sun Project
In the early days of this project Luna would say: 

"This is a Journey to the Heart, Funded by the Hearts of Extraordinary People" 

The beautiful TOTSS community have shared that there's been so much value from the free movie and docuseries that you'd like to offer an energy exchange by donating. 

It was never our intention to add this but we've heard again and again that people want to complete the circle of giving and receiving. 

Over the years and each and every day, we are humbled by people's generosity of spirit.  

Any donation given will go towards giving back to the speakers and musicians, to help reimburse our investors who have enabled this dream to become a reality and to give to our 'Heart Fund' which will support some fabulous Indigenous projects like Uqualla's JEVA Centre, for example.

If you choose to donate as an energy exchange, then you are welcome to do so below. 

With love and gratitude,
Nikki Luna and Theo
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